Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three things for your spring break

It is Thursday – and since the students at the college that I work at will be on spring break next week – along with employees ;) – here is this week’s spring-break-themed Three for Thursday: 

1. Check out these tips from the TalkNerdy2Me blog for a safe and affordable spring break. Have fun on spring break – but don’t feel the need to fulfill some sort of negative college stereotype.

In one of Sinbad’s (yes, this Sinbad) standup routines, he said, "if I wouldn’t go parasailing when I live in Cincinnati, why would I parasail on vacation in the Caribbean?" Now I'm all for adventures on vacation, but do not try to fulfill some sort of false expectations or be someone that you're not. 

Listen to the wisdom of Sinbad.

Be yourself and let the break refresh and revive you.  

2. Go on a road trip – a good, old-fashioned, beef-jerkey (ew) buying, car-singing trip with some friends. It sounds like much more fun than a week of asking people “What is going on today” on Facebook, right? (It is ok, we’ve all been there.)

To get you pumped up, check out the reality series on
Then step up and be the organizer of your spring break road trip. Your friends will be glad you did. 

3. Have some fun with your spring break look.  I was watching the NBA All-Star weekend stuff this past week, and I saw quite a few sports journalists commenting on how many of the NBA players have begun wearing fake reading glasses.

Not many of you know this, but I passed up a chance playing for the NBA to pursue my dream of blogging for awesome community college students – but I figured I’d better be in on the latest trend…

What do you think of the look?

If you like it – they are a fairly cheap fashion accessory (I got mine for less than 10 dollars at the mall).  Not the look for you? Then experiment with your fashion on your break – you have a break from classes, so why not experiment with a new style and see if it works for you? I can help create that refreshing feeling that spring break should be all about.

For the most part, once college is over you will find spring breaks and free time like this to be severely limited. Embrace these times and make the most of them. Make the effort to have experiences with your friends that you will never forget. 

If you want to read more about your spring break, here is my post from last spring break with some ideas for engagement and enrichment on your week off.  

I hope that your spring break is a fun, safe, and memorable one!

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