Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 for Thursday – Graffiti, Libraries, & YouTube hair tutorials

Here are this week’s 3 interesting things to help bring some balance to your pursuit of success :)

1. When believing turns to millions– A Yahoo! article (originally from the New York Times) recently shared a story about the artist hired by Mark Zuckerberg to paint the original walls of the Facebook headquarters and his recent multi-million dollar payout. When he painted the graffiti walls was given a choice – either choose a $60,000-dollar immediate payout, or receive stock in the company. 

I bet you can guess - he chose the stocks.

He saw something in the company and instead of an immediate reward, he held out for something he believed in. I think a lesson is to be learned from that. Check out the article to read about how much he ended up making now that Facebook has gone public.

2. Don’t underestimate the public library – today I went to the library during my lunch break to pay a $1.23 late fee so I could put a new book on hold that I really want to read. It literally never ceases to amaze me that there is still a place anyone can go to read a multitude of books for free. There were also a lot of people using the library's computers for homework. Need a quiet place to study? Your public library could be another option. And of course it’s a great place to read; there is something inspiring about being around lots of books. Try it.

3. My fav YouTube hair and makeup tutorials - A few weeks ago I read an article about a British YouTube sensation who made makeup tutorials to based on celebrity looks. I love hearing British people talk so I checked it out. She did a makeup tutorial of Pippa Middleton and I found her so adorable that I wanted to see if I could actually do what she did. I tried it out, eye-makeup remover ready to go because I assumed there was no way I could make it look like she did. But I was shocked to find out I could actually do it exactly, because she had explained it so well! And now I do my makeup like that almost every day.

And just a few days ago, I needed to figure out how to curl my hair when it’s parted down the middle in a way that would look like big waves and keep my hair out of my face. A few search terms in YouTube later I stumbled across this video that solved my hair problem. The girl in this video’s voice can be a little tinny, but she’s kind of funny and cute because she seems to genuinely want to help. I am pretty good at following/copying these kind of things, but never figure them out on my own – so kudos to these ladies who make these videos and share their tricks with the world. Enjoy! (and feel free to share with me any of your favorites).

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