Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to win scholarships

Winning scholarships don't happen by accident. There are strategies those who win lots of money for college use, and in our latest episode of The SKiNNY we share some of those tips with you! There are no shortcuts, but winning scholarships really IS possible, even if you're already in college or looking for money for graduate school. 

Enjoy and please share! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A job you can get from a community college training program

I'm a big fan of the ways community colleges open doors to higher education to all people - especially when it allows people to transfer with their AA degree to go on to get their bachelor's degree, as well as continue on to graduate school. 

Community colleges also serve another very important purpose - they help train people who are ready to get right into the workforce and do jobs that many of us benefit from every day.

In the newest installment of The SKiNNY, the college success show I host on TCC22, we're taking a look inside some of these community college training programs to help uncover some of the great things going on in community colleges, as well as help potential students see what kinds of job training is available at two-year institutions. Please share with anyone you know whom you think might be interested in a job like this! :)