Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three for Thursday – Managing your online identity

It's Thursday and that means that I have three things to share with you that have piqued my interest this week :)

This week, I've been thinking a lot about online identities. Check out the three things below that I engaged with this week to help you maximize the potential of your online identity - while also having some fun doing so.  

1. Twitter chats – I didn't understand Twitter chats until recently and have fallen in love with them.  If you don’t know what a Twitter chat is, it's an online meet-up or discussion in which groups of people congregate to discuss things, usually in a Q&A format, while using a #hashtag to keep the conversation linked. They are usually open to anyone and can be a great resource for learning cool information and connecting with like-minded people. The one I've been taking part in lately (and have loved) is #Internpro with @YouTern. There are many chats and I'm still learning about them - so tell me your favorites! If you aren't on Twitter, consider signing up as I have found it a great place to connect with awesome people and professionals who have become actual real-life great friends. 

2. The pictures you're tagged in on Facebook - This recent post from the blog, TheUnlost, features blogger's Therese Schwenkler's self-evaluation of her college "tagged" pics. In addition to making you laugh out loud as it did me, Therese offers a brave and honest look at the ways in which we sometimes use social media to create false identities for ourselves that don't support our long term success. Check this out to have a laugh (she shares her college pics) and learn from Therese how to avoid mistakes many students make and find a way to positively and genuinely represent yourself on Facebook. 

3. An online resume – Have you ever considered this option? You can create a free account from Blogger or Wordpress and use really simple template tools to develop one. In today's world, an online portfolio of your educational and professional accomplishments can only help. It shows you are technologically savvy, that you are cutting edge, and that you are aware of how online identities affect future employment. Employers will search for you online and it will be better for them to find more than just your Facebook profile. I stumbled across a friend of mine's online resume this past week. It's a great template to help you get started. 


  1. Appealing information you have provided. It gained me more knowledge and idea. Please keep up the good because i like the way you are writing. Thanks!

  2. For the Higher Education professional (or anyone considering it), #SAChat is a great way to get involved.

    1. Thanks Erik I'm going to check it out! Do you know when it typically happens?


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