Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three for Thursday – Super Bowl Weekend

Hi everyone!

I hope your week is going amazing.  I am in Tallahassee right now for work – two times in two weeks – with the amazing Student Government leaders of Florida. So I’m getting pretty familiar with Florida’s capitol :)

In other news, it's Super Bowl weekend! So this week, all three of my Thursday recommendations for balance in your life are loosely related to the infamous football Sunday. 

   1.  A Super Bowl Commercial Rating System -- USA Today runs an ad meter every Super Bowl where you can track instant public reaction to the commercials aired during the game. I thought this was pretty cool and will definitely be checking to see how my reaction compares with the general public - can you imagine how intensely advertising executives must watch that during the game? You can also track your favorites and share with your friends. Check it out! It's always a fun conversation starter on Monday.

  2.   Super Bowl Recipes for College Students – if you are interested in making something for a SB party, check out this web site: It provides quick easy recipes designed for college students (e.g. inexpensive, not too complicated, and can be made with limited cooking tools/space). 

  3. Game Plans – One of the things that interests me in sports (which is a relatively new thing for me) is the idea of a game plan. I find it amazing that the combined efforts of so many individuals on the field, coaches on and above the field, trainers, and other staff form this machine called a pro sports team.  And those combined efforts focus on accomplishing a goal. They create a game plan, practice, practice practice, develop teamwork, and then execute against adversity. I truly think that there is a lesson to be learned from that. If you don’t get anything else out of the game, hopefully you can appreciate that effort and implement that game plan for success in your life. 

Bonus – My Super Bowl pick 

My grandparents moved from Puerto Rico to a small town up north called New York City. They were one of the main reasons I wrote my book :) - going with the sentimental pick. 

New York Giants 31, New England 28. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out Isa! I really appreciate it!

    I hope your score prediction for the Super Bowl comes true. Go Giants!!!


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