Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking a Vacation Every Day

Ok. I have to be honest here. I don’t have a lava-rock formation facing the Pacific Ocean at my house.

We are all entitled to dreams though, right?

I posted this picture because I think it represents one of the most important concepts that we often forget. 

We need to recharge.

I don’t mean blow off steam – and I don’t mean just become vegetables.

I think we need to find time to regroup, reinvest in our own thoughts, and take some deep breaths.

If you can, find something beautiful that you can reflect on. I’m not in Hawaii on vacation like I was in this picture, but some afternoons, when I need to recharge, I simply open up my window and take a few minutes to relax, or write in a journal, without the television or computer on, and with my phone and iPod silent.

You probably won’t have time for you to do this for as long as you should every day. My schedule rarely permits more than fifteen or even thirty minutes

But if you try it, I think you will appreciate those little breaks more than you ever thought you could. No music. No TV. No computer. No texting or phone calls. Sometime, that little break is what keeps me upbeat about things that I know I want and need to do, but at times can feel overwhelmed by.

Just a fifteen-minute mini-vacation. You work hard - you deserve it, and the clarity and tranquility that time will provide can give you the energy to push through your daily tasks with positive energy, rather than dread. 

Give it a try. Send me a postcard :)

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  1. I highly agree with you. In times of stressful days, we need to take a break and the only thing to do to stay away from the stresses is to go on vacation. A mini vacation may help but a travel vacation can be a better one. It's time to give yourself a reward after a very stressful days at works.


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