Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Checking in with Your Choice of a College Major

Sometimes, when you look through old pictures, you realize things

Like this simple fact: I look cute in some hats.

In others...not so much.  

But honestly, I’d never know this seemingly obvious fact if it weren’t for these pictures.

And then there is college. And majors. And careers. And your future.

Sometimes, you find yourself choosing a major because it looks good on the shelf.  The average salary is good. The hiring market looks strong now. You did ok in this class in high school.

So, remember to take pictures - reflections on how your major really works for you. If it looks good on you keep on wearing it. If it doesn’t, contemplate a change now before you head too far down a path and find yourself as a graduate holding a degree you have reservations about.

Here are some questions when evaluating your major:

1.     What are my expectations upon graduating, and how do they fit in with this major?
2.     What is my day-to-day looking like now? If you dread a class within your field in college, will the day-to-day of a future career have the same effect?
3.     Am I excelling where I am? You are all gifted and talented – some have talents in areas that they aren’t always working in. Cater to your strengths – it is much easier to find happiness (in regards to school and work) when you are in a field in which you experience success.

Remember, this is an ongoing process – take these “pictures” of yourself and your major often. 

Because, ultimately, it is important to remember that education is an investment – both in your own personal development and future. Try and make sure that you are investing that time, commitment, and effort in in places where you will be happy with the results

I provide more tips on choosing the right major in my upcoming book Community College Success - mark your calendars for March 15th, 2012 and be sure to enter to win a free autographed copy! 

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