Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get More Out of Your Morning Routine

In my preparation for March 15th's book launch, I'm going to be doubling the blogs and vlogs! I hope you enjoy :)

Today was my first day back @ work after a long vacation.  This morning, I was thinking about the different steps that make up my pre-work routine.

There are good and bad morning routines. 

Good routines are ones that make you feel productive, get results, and make you feel genuinely happy.

Bad routines are the ones that make you feel like you are in a slump

So here are a few tips that I suggest for you and your routine as you get back into the day-to-day of the semester:

1. What can you add into your routines that will make you happier – even if it is only an increase of a slight percentage? Every morning, I spend about 25 minutes to blow dry my hair – which, as any girl can tell you, isn’t always something we look forward to – but it is something I do every day before work, and I enjoy the way my hair looks afterwards.  However, in order to make this less tedious, I set aside a DVD of my favorite TV shows and use my blow-drying time to work my through them.  It is amazing what a difference that little adjustment makes – the simple addition of entertainment makes me honestly happy to go through the process.  The truth is: Simple things can make a difference in your happiness.

2. What in your routine can go?  When I transferred to Stetson University, I used to drive through a gauntlet of fast-food restaurants on the way.  I found myself in the habit of stopping in (on a daily basis at that) to pick up a coffee, or more often, hash browns. Hash browns are Kryptonite.  But, while I enjoyed them at times, I never really felt like they were something that was making my routine better.  It was a quick fix. When I realized this, I realized that my routine could trim this (pun intended) fat.  I was much happier eating a healthy breakfast at home, and I felt better afterwards.  Don’t settle for quick fixes in your routines – they are fool’s gold. 

3. What in your routine can be moved around?  I used to work out in the morning every day.  But, it didn’t always work for my morning schedule, and often, I would find myself either dreading the work out or skipping it altogether.  So, I switched my workouts to another part of my day.  I now find myself enjoying them and am much more diligent in getting them done.  If something doesn’t fit, find another space for it. 

Take a look – enjoy your routines – find out what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what can be moved around.  I promise that even the tiniest of adjustments can have a big payoff.  


  1. Great tips on how to make a routine better! Even though I am no longer a student at a community college, I am still going to take heed as I start my semester at the university.

  2. I am glad to hear that! Best of luck this semester at your school - keep me updated on how things go :)


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