Monday, January 9, 2012

Ok...Now What?

So, many of you have started back on campus by now.  And hopefully, most of you have been trying my tips for a first week on campus.

But let’s get real.  Now what?

Many of you asked yourselves that this afternoon – some of you did and might have not even known it.  But the odds are, at the end of the day, on the drive, walk, bike, or bus ride home, you started to think about how your first day back went.  You probably thought about all of the work you are going to do, and for many of you, how you are going to balance that class with this class and all of those classes with your work schedule. 

Well, take a deep breath.  Inhale. Exhale. And now reflect.

You owe yourself these three questions:

1.     Did I come home today feeling great?  If you did, awesome! Keep up that momentum, don’t let it slip away and treat every day like this one.  If you didn’t, evaluate the “why not” question. Do you need to adjust your schedule? If so, get it done now, before you get too deep in the semester and a change throws you off. 
2.     Who did I talk to today? If the answer was your peers and your professors, great work! If it wasn’t, which ones did you talk to? Come up with a plan for tomorrow to make sure you introduce yourself to valuable people around you, for your personal life, and for your academic life. College is more fun when you connect!
3.     What’s the game plan? Let’s figure out your schedule now before you add anything else to the mix. When am I going to study for class A? What week will I need to take off this day from work to finish the essay for Class B? Read those syllabus handouts that your professors gave you this morning. They can be flotation devices for your mental health in stressful situations. 

I hope everyone’s first days back are going great.  I am so grateful to have you all as awesome readers – and you deserve awesome semester – make it happen!

PS. I tweeted this today (let's follow each other! - I like to think of Monday as the first chapter in a good book. 

I hope yours is a great read!

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