Friday, January 6, 2012

Going Back to Graduation for Help

I’ve got a goal for you for this weekend. This month. This year. 

That goal is for you to live your life with the zest and zeal that you had on one of the biggest days of your life:

The day you graduated high school.  

Because whether that was one year, two years, seven years ago like myself, or even longer, you felt like the world was yours to conquer on that day

So what has changed?  It is true, we grow up, responsibilities pour on, and consequences for our actions evolve.  But, don’t let the events of a lifetime steal what you had that moment:

Belief in yourself, hope in future, and pride in what you can accomplish.

So here’s the deal.  Here are three things I want you to do to help stir up that feeling that you had:

  1. Take a look back at a photograph of your graduation day.  Look at your smile, look at the smiles of those around you.  People are proud of your accomplishments. Don’t forget that!
  2. Get in touch with someone who makes you feel like you can do anything in the world. Hang out with a friend who builds you up, call a relative that cheers you up, Facebook someone who always offers support. Everyone has a support system – sometimes we just forget who they are. 
  3. Write a journal entry – I’m serious about this. Even if you don’t journal (guys usually do this less than girls).  I want you to write about the goals you had when you graduated from high school.  Then I want you to write about what has changed – don’t make excuses for yourself.  But, instead, think about whether or not you are happy with the change in plans. If you are, carry on with the energy you know you have inside. If you aren’t happy with the changes, let’s work on a plan to get you on the track you want to be.  Reach out to someone  - reach out to me – I’ll offer any advice I can for a professional or educational goal.
So let’s get to this.  Because, far too often, I think we forget the people we believe that we can be. 

Your goals are still attainable - the only variable is that things don’t always follow the schedule or direct path that we expect. 

And you are capable of anything. Sometimes our eighteen-year-old selves can teach us something.  

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