Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CC student and former drug addict brings prevention education to teens

I contribute to Pearson Students' P.S. Blog, and the latest feature I did truly touched my heart. I interviewed Danny Brannon, a student who began community college at the age of 46; and after years in and out of rehab and jail, he has not only restarted his life, but is using his story to inspire teens. 

Here is a preview:

Danny grew up in South Baltimore, in a family deeply affected by alcoholism: “As a child, I had very little self-worth. I felt so inadequate,” he began as he painted a picture of his dark childhood. “I think I really turned everything inside, and my hurt began to turn to anger.” To escape from the pain, at the incredibly young age of ten, Danny began using drugs.

“I spent my whole life in institutions since I was ten years old. I went to rehab maybe 30 times, was arrested often, spent time in schools for troubled boys, and spent many nights sleeping on the streets,” he explains of his unconventional childhood.

Danny did not continue formal school past the 9th grade, and went on to complete his GED by the age of 16... Read Danny's entire story on the P.S...Blog.

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