Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A career and MBA prep program for minorities you should know about

I recently wrote an article on NBC Latino about an amazing community college graduate, Oscar Rodriguez, who went to a top business school and now works for Google. He credits his success to an amazing program called Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). 

I've met students who've been involved in MLT's MBA prep program and their career program (something you do while in college) and the networking benefits are unbelievable! MLT has partners from the top companies in the country and you get to meet many of them through the program. 

As Oscar mentioned to me, he would never have been able to get jobs at certain companies without MLT. 

Check out the listing of all of their programs and, if you qualify, apply! (The career prep program application deadlines for 2014 are coming up.) These are the kinds of programs that transform lives. Why not yours? 

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