Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A quick and fun way to expand your vocabulary

My favorite word I learned in college was "elucidate." Yes, I had a favorite word.

I love learning new words, and when it came time to apply for graduate school and study for the GRE, vocabulary became very important. 

Learning new words will improve your writing, reading comprehension, your ability to perform well on verbal portions of standardized tests, and can be a lot of fun. Really. It can be. I swear! ;) 

I actually use Dictionary.com's app which provides a word of the day that I study every morning (in English and Spanish!).

I'm also excited to announce that I'll be sharing a fun way to learn more words on a new lifestyle website for gentleman called Dromo. Every Monday they will post a short word of the week video from me for their "Gentleman & a Scholar" section :)

If you don't know what "supercilious" means watch (and enjoy) below! :)

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