Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A must-do before your summer ends

Okay, so I know what I'm about to say won't be very popular. But I promise, it will make you feel so good. Are you ready?

Before the summer ends you must clean your room/apartment/house. And when I say clean I mean really go through every drawer and closet and get rid of everything you do not need/use. I just did this today and it felt so unbelievably fantastic.  
If you're a pack-rat or very sentimental about your stuff, here is a question that might help you clean things out. Ask yourself: have I used this in the past six months? If not, get rid of it. 

I do have one box that I've labeled "memorabilia" and that is where I keep all the sentimental stuff I know I'll want to revisit when I'm older. 

The key - just do it! There is a feeling of freshness that motivates you towards the next chapter of your life, whatever it may be. So pick a day this summer and dedicate it to getting rid of anything you don't use anymore. 

And then enjoy the free space :)

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