Monday, July 30, 2012

How an unlikely mentorship encouraged one student to pay it forward

I recently interviewed Stephanie Bravo, co-founder of the free national online mentoring service, for a Fox News Latino article.

While I've interviewed her for the blog before, this story was about her experience having a mentor who was very different from her, and how the relationship not only helped her get into medical school (which from what I learned is an incredibly daunting year-long application process), but also ignited within her a passion for paying it forward and developing mentorship programs that can break barriers in students' lives, just as the mentoring program at Stanford did for her. 

Check out her story below, and see if your college community (or a professional association in your desired industry) has a mentorship program you can get involved in. If not, perhaps Stephanie will inspire you to start one :)

Latina Stanford Student Creates National Mentoring Program
"Four out of five low-income students fail to attain a bachelor's degree by their mid-20s. As astounding and scary as the numbers are, they motivated one woman to take action. Stephanie Bravo, a Mexican American from San Jose,California....Read more at Fox News Latino

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