Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Got an idea to increase civic engagement/voter awareness? Your project could get a piece of a $25,000 pie and a free trip to NC!

With elections coming up and the millennial generation growing stronger, many are paying attention to how young people vote, and what gets them engaged.

Who knows better than you?

That's what Mobilize.org thinks, and today they are accepting applications for your project to increase civic engagement, community participation, and voter awareness in your local area. 
If you are in North Carolina, Florida, California, Pennsylvania or Michigan, you can submit your idea. Mobilize.org is investing $25,000 in the winning projects, and the winner from each state will be flown to North Carolina for an all-expenses paid unbelievable summit and fellowship program. 

And if you're not in any of the states above, why not consider how to increase civic engagement in your community? It is projects like these that not only make you really stand out on scholarship applications and your resume, but they are the kind of projects that teach you a lot about yourself, what you're good at, and what you want to do (or don't want to do) with your life.

If you're not particularly passionate about civic engagement (still vote, of course) that's okay. But think about the ideas behind this program and what kind of project you would want to create for your community. And create it. Just do it. Always remember - you don't have to do something big. Start small. Small is big. 

If you need any help on where to start, send me your idea at advice@communitycollegesuccess.com and I'd be happy to help get you started on the first steps and give you some ideas on who to connect with to move your idea into reality. 

And of course if you are passionate about civic engagement - you could get your project funded and get trained. What an incredible experience and resume-builder this will be for the winners. You could be one of them. Apply here!

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