Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Students Seek Solutions to Minority College Dropout Crisis

Last weekend I was the keynote speaker for one of the most incredible events I've ever attended - the Mobilize.org Target 2020 Community College Summit. 
I met incredible students who really care about improving their campuses. And I fell in love with them. 
The Mobilize.org model brings students to the table to bring solutions to solve the college completion crisis. And I think this model is one that should and could be replicated at every community college across the country. It starts with you. If you are reading this blog you are exactly the kind of student who can make an impact.

Group of students talking to me about an amazing coalition they are starting to unify the Miami Dade college community  towards civic engagement
You can check out the article I wrote below for Fox News Latino that features the top barriers and solutions that the students identified - and I challenge you to think about what you could do to make an impact. You may not realize it, but there is so much you can do - nothing is too small :) 

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