Thursday, August 7, 2014

#TBT: Community college isn’t 13th grade

The video below was filmed September 2011. Almost three years ago.

To be honest it's a little awkward for me to watch myself three years ago. But I can't help but remember that when I was filming it - just a totally amateur video from my dining room - I had no idea it would be viewed by over 20,000 people. I feel like a different person now than I was then, but I’m so glad I started early.

One of my favorite concepts from the book The Promise of a Pencil was when author Adam Braun said that the great thing about going for things when you're young is just that you're so young that you don't even know what you can't do -  so you do it any way.

I love that, and I want to extend that same sentiment to you.

There’s something you have to say. Something you can do. A problem you can make better. Go do it.

Don’t worry about your age or whether you know enough. As I dig deeper and deeper into education, I'm learning that you’ll NEVER know it all. And to be honest, most of the time your gut instincts are right on.

Put yourself out there and just GO. Trust me, if I can do it...#SoCanU! ;)

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