Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 supplies you should have for the first week of college

I've been getting a lot of emails and comments asking about college supplies, so here you go!


1. Pens

2. Pencils

3. Loose leaf paper

4. Colored 3-prong folder for each class (or binder with dividers...or some kind of organizational system that works for you; I preferred a different colored folder for each class, labeled, with loose leaf paper; I'd put the syllabus in the 3-prongs on the first day of class)

5. Calculator (unless for some reason your courses that semester are devoid of any math or science)

6. Textbooks (unless you like to enroll for more classes than you plan on taking and then dropping the one you like the least, I highly recommend getting all your textbooks ahead of time. You're prepared for the professors who assign homework right away, and you avoid the long lines at the bookstore that first week) 


7. Laptop/tablet (for note taking or doing homework between classes; I'd recommend, however, not pulling out your technology the first day of class to get the vibe of the class and the professor first. Laptops can also be distracting as no matter how good of a student you are it's still hard to resist the temptation of browsing the internet. Be mindful and make the best choice for your learning and focus)  

8. Different colored highlighters (for note taking and reading) 

9. Notebook (for taking notes for a particular class; I recommend any kind that has the Cornell style) 

10. Read the syllabus for each course closely to see if it lists any additional supplies. While rare, some professors do prefer you use certain supplies and will list them in the syllabus if that is their preference. 

And of course, any kind of tote or backpack will be fine to carry your supplies, whatever you like best! Find something durable, comfortable, and that works with your style. 

Make your college supply school shopping as fun as it was when you picked out that Lion King backpack and fresh pack of colored pencils before your first day of 2nd grade (that was me, complete with side-ponytail). 

You'll also probably like the video below. 

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