Monday, July 22, 2013

5 ways to jumpstart your creativity

I invented the smart phone in second grade.  

Okay, so, I knew nothing about how to create a smart phone, but I envisioned one. 

It was part of a special project in second grade where we were tasked with creating a blueprint and model for an invention that we presented at an inventor's fair. 

I created an all-in-one watch-phone that strapped onto your wrist and acted as a fully functional computer, telephone, and video-game system. (The model screen had a hand-drawn picture of Sonic the Hedgehog)

I remembered the invention (and the awesome white lab coat I wore to the fair) a few days ago with a chuckle. It made me think about how much fun I had in elementary school, how I "created" with abandon.

Kids never say "I'm not creative."

How often do we hear adults say it (or have said it ourselves)?

I used to say it all the time. Until a few years ago when I realized being creative doesn't mean being able to draw well. 

Which is a good thing, because being creative is a required skill in today's marketplace, where the "next big thing" could be invented tomorrow (and maybe by a second grader who actually knows how a micro chip works...because admittedly I never did and still don't).

Your creativity can manifest itself as simply as an afternoon redecorating a favorite space, or as life changing as coming up with a new way to solve an old problem you've been facing. Who knows, your creativity could even solve a problem for an entire community - even the world. 

You are more creative then you realize. 

Below are a few simple ways to get your creative juices flowing this summer!

  1. Browse the children's section of a bookstore for your favorite childhood books. Revel in the memories, and think about buying one for inspiration. I recently ordered a hardcopy of my favorite childhood book and set it up as office decor - it serves as a reminder for me to continue to approach the world with childlike wonder. 
  2. Pick out a journal that inspires you and commit to writing in it (or sketching in it) every day for a few minutes every morning or evening. Make it a habit, even if you only write one sentence per day. 
  3. Do something that relaxes you like going for a walk or taking a bath. Most creative ideas happen when you're relaxed. 
  4. Grab some old magazines and a poster board and make a collage of things that inspire you and put it up on your wall. 
  5. Read about and engage with people from industries outside your own. For example, Disney has always inspired me. I once met with a Disney animator who'd worked on some of my favorite movies, like The Lion King. I wasn't looking to learn his craft, but I wanted to know him. I just had a feeling I'd be inspired, and I sure was.  
So put on your metaphorical white lab coat and create a smart phone inspired by your desire to play Sonic the Hedgehog at school. Remember the child you once were - the one who knew that you didn't need to understand everything about the world in order to dream.  

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