Monday, June 24, 2013

Your morning routine in the summer still matters

Even if you work over the summer (as I do), there is something about these warm months and the anticipation of fireworks and cookouts that make us all want to slow down a little bit.

Slowing down is good, especially if you are a busy college student. You need that time to recuperate. 

However, most college students have to work and go to school year-round. It can be difficult to find that relaxation time.

And sometimes those who do have that free time in the summer tend to let go completely, causing boredom.

I've struggled with all of the above at some point in my life.

I realized today that I'd let my morning routine go a little bit this June. I had been jumping right into work, letting random things distract and guide my day, and - the cardinal morning sin - checking my e-mail from my phone right after turning off my alarm. 

So this morning I said "Isa, what the heck are you doing? Get back on the metaphorical horse, girl!" (See, not doing your morning routine can make you a little crazy).

My particular routine includes writing in a journal, reading my goals for the year, reading a few pages of the non-fiction book I'm working on while eating breakfast, and going through my to-do list to choose the top three things I need to accomplish that day.

Make your routine your own, and then do it. Every morning. Even in the summer. 

Centering yourself each morning will ensure that you can end the day feeling refreshed and accomplished

Don't let your summer slip away. It's still a great time to grow. 

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