Monday, June 17, 2013

How to use what you learn in your first job to create your own

This summer I connected with some amazing professionals who were willing to share their wisdom. Each profile will feature how their first job out of college led to their amazing careers today (that they love, by the way), as well as their advice to help you do the same.

First Job Profile: Douglas Brown, Founder of CDB Productions

I met Douglas during my first job out of college. I was working for a community college and Douglas was shooting one of our TV commercials (that I happened to be in.) 

It was my first time on TV and I was pretty nervous - Douglas made me feel at ease and was truly the person who gave me confidence to do all the things I do on video now. He's an awesome guy who's created his own successful production company with a client list that includes organizations like 

ABC Television, Discover Channel, Disney Channel, ESPN, and MTV Network.

1) What was your first job out of college and how did you get it?

My first job out of college was as a television news Videographer/Editor at WOWK-TV News. During my college years, I worked part-time for WOWK as a way to pay for my college education. 

Like many college students, it was necessary for me to work during my college years. Unlike many students today, I was able to secure a job within my field as a Freshman in college. This experience proved invaluable to my future success in the television productions industry.

2) What was the most important thing you learned from your first job?

I learned so much from working for WOWK-TV, not just how to technically handle my job, but, more importantly, how to deal with responsibility. 

I would say the most important thing I learned was how to professionally deal with colleagues, co-workers and management to become a useful team member. Working within a team is a skill that is often overlooked and becoming a useful team member is an asset that will last throughout your professional career.

3) What did you to leverage your first job to help you get where you are today?

My first job taught me the "business" of television production. I was expected to technically execute my job, therefore I needed to work hard and stay current with all the ever changing industry trends, however I quickly learned the business side as well. Soon I was able to leverage my skill set to start a production company.

4) What advice do you have for a recent graduate who is struggling to find their first job after college?

My advice is to find something you love, first and foremost, and "do it"! In my case, I loved photography. Photography led to a job as a television news Videographer. Nobody taught me photography, I learned on my own because I loved taking photos and working in the darkroom. I was confident in my abilities as a photographer which allowed me the self-confidence to secure my first job.

Thanks Douglas!

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