Monday, December 24, 2012

Five Fun Ways to Keep Your Brain Energized During Winter Break (from P.S. Blog)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Below is an article I wrote for the P.S. Blog that I wanted to share with you too. Hope you have a great day today!

I can still see the dark gravel on the parking lot, somehow sparkling, even on that cloudy day. I was practically skipping to my car. What had put that spring in my step? I had just taken my last exam of the winter semester.

Unfortunately though, the intense highs and lows of exam time can cause many students to get sick over the winter break, or to just mentally check out for the next month.

You should definitely take some time to relax and forget about school for a while; refreshing your self and your mind is vital. But that doesn’t mean you want your brain to check out too.

Below are five fun ways to keep your brain energized over winter break so you can recover from exams without losing your brain-momentum...Read the rest of the article on the P.S. Blog :)

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  1. It can be so easy to mentally check out during winter break. I loved your suggestions, especially the "learn a new skill" part. Back at my parents house for most breaks, I typically would try some DIY decorations to bring back to my dorm. It helped me dream of getting back on campus, and kept me busy when snowed in.

    Thanks for sharing this!



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