Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to help students complete college on your campus

College completion is a hot topic right now, because, well, we are falling behind. As a student, I'm sure you can guess why. College is hard, and many students struggle with affording college and finding the time to manage coursework and put food on the table. Others just feel lost and alone, many as the first in their families to attempt this journey. 

The good news is that people are paying attention, and a lot of good is being done. From the incredible work of foundations like the Lumina and Gates, to what individual students are doing as part of Phi Theta Kappa's C4 Completion effort.

I have had the privilege of seeing some amazing college completion events as part of my speaking travels this year, and I recently put together a list of the incredible completion event ideas that have inspired me. The resource can help you start a completion event on your campus if you haven't already, and shares some of the fun and creative things other colleges are doing around the country. 

These days are making a difference; I can tell just by walking on the campuses and meeting the students. Nothing compares to walking on a campus and knowing it's a special day, knowing that everyone is behind this idea that college completion matters, and, more importantly, that you matter. Students on your campus will feel it too. 

So feel free to check out this free resource to get you inspired to do your part to make a difference when it comes to college completion on your campus. Almost all of the ideas I share come from students just like you. It's amazing what you can accomplish - and whose lives on your campus you can change. 

Commit to Complete :) 

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