Thursday, October 18, 2012

An American Dream story: my interview with Under Secretary María Otero

Last week I interviewed the Under Secretary of State as part of Hispanic Heritage Month and I wanted to share her American Dream story with you. María spoke of her work with such passion and, as a Latina woman myself, I found it so empowering to hear her story. I hope you find it inspiring too:

"When Under Secretary of State María Otero left La Paz, Bolivia with her family to live in Washington D.C., she could have never imagined she’d be working down the hall from Secretary Clinton one day.

"Otero remembers her childhood in Bolivia with joy. Despite it being, according to Otero, 'a poor, underdeveloped country with enormous political instability,' it was her home.

"But it was also a home where women were not expected to study past high school. 'Instead,' Otero said, 'they were to begin looking for a husband and then have children....'" Read More here.

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