Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Success Series: Why "curiosity killed the cat" is bad advice

Have you ever heard the saying "curiosity killed the cat"?

I don't know where it comes from, but I know it's not a good metaphor for success. 

Poor kitties aside, curiosity is vital to your success. 

Look closely into the stories of successful people and you'll often find their journey began with a spark of curiosity that they chased with a fury. And I'm not talking about following your passion. 

I'm talking about chasing down something you want to know. You might not even know if you're passionate about it or not - and that's okay. All you have to know is that you have to know more. 

That is the kind of curiosity I'm talking about - and I want to challenge you to chase yours. 

Is there something you've been wondering about lately? Something you think is cool? Something you wish you knew more about but aren't sure where to start, or maybe even are too scared to admit you don't know much about it? 

Start learning and let your curiosity lead you. 

Most industries are in desperate need of fresh perspectives, so often your lack of current knowledge, matched with a burning curiosity, can offer tremendous solutions.

Most innovations and ideas come from intensely curious people. 

And college is the perfect place to start chasing those curiosities. Take a variety of classes. Explore random internships. Read lots of books. 

Don't question what you're curious about and don't you dare tell yourself it doesn't matter or is too obscure. Chase your curiosities. It won't kill you, but it might just lead to a whole new life. 

You'll never know until you try. :)

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