Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An easy way to never miss a deadline in college

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. I am sharing this free app because I think it is a great resource for community college students. 

I recently met the founder and CEO of GradGuru.org and was so excited to learn more about this incredible mobile app JUST for community college students.

The app was the winner of the 2013 Gates Foundation College Knowledge Challenge and is grounded in research. The tips you'll get on your phone are crafted just for you and are designed to reach you at exactly the right time. 

It also features your community college calendar and sends you reminders on those very important dates and deadlines (like add/drop). 

It's been downloaded 1,200+ times so far and students have been writing great reviews, such as:

"This app really is a community college counselor in my pocket." 

"I've missed deadlines in the past but never again now that I have GradGuru."

"Awesome app. Really keeps you on track with deadlines and stuff. Love the alerts and the tips are super helpful!!"

I've been waiting to tell you about it because it was only on the iPhone. Now it's available for the Android too and here is how you can get it right now: 

1) Download it on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) by searching "GradGuru" (no space in between). 

2) When the app opens it will prompt you to add your college. If your college is not on the list, go to the "unlock" tab at the top and it will prompt you to send an e-mail. Once you click the email button a pre-filled email will show up  asking GradGuru to add your school. All you have to do is enter in the name of your school in the space at the end and click send. 

Once GradGuru receives requests from 10 students from the same school they will add it! So tell your friends, a club you're involved with on campus, or your SGA to download the app and send the request so your school will be on the app! 

(This would be an especially great idea for any PTK students involved in the College Completion initiative as it'd be a great app to share with students who sign the College Completion banner.)

3) Do nothing. Once you've done that GradGuru will do the rest! You'll get relevant and timely tips straight to your phone that will help you be successful in community college and beyond. The app has just recently launched and new features and helpful things will also continue to get added. 


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