Monday, September 24, 2012

Why to dance alone in college

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This weekend I went to a delicious Cuban restaurant with a live band. When the band struck their first notes the dance floor was empty - except for one white-haired lady. She salsa danced by herself. And it was clear wasn't trying to get attention. She actually didn't seem to notice anyone was watching. She was just enjoying herself, by herself, and it was beautiful to watch.

How many times have you been scared to do something alone? I know I have. When it comes to extra-curricular activities in college, it can be really hard to try something new by yourself. But often that is the best way to to do it. Branching out by yourself grows you, and can actually inspire others. 

It wasn't before long that people saw that lady having so much un-self-consious fun that soon the whole floor was filled. When you step out and do something new, you will often inspire others to do the same. But the worst mistake you can make is to wait for someone else to go first, or go with you.

There are things (and clubs) only you can start. There are people you'll only meet if you do something by yourself.

So this week, pick an activity on your college event calendar and go by yourself. Make it a goal to make a new friend, or to just find a way to metaphorically dance by yourself. You might be surprised by how much fun it is.

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