Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 things to do before you graduate college

I recently read an article on a college website that said things like getting a fake ID and getting drunk in vegas were "must-do's" before you graduate college.

A lot of the items on their list seemed more like good ways to get arrested than to have a successful college experience.


My list is a little different. It might not be attractive to the college party-hards out there, but it's guaranteed not to have you found passed out on a street (unless having a rockin' awesome successful college experience makes you faint). ;)

10 things to do before you graduate college 

1. Travel outside the country
2. Join a club based on a culture outside your own
3. Visit your college career center
4. Become president of a club
5. Take a random elective that fascinates you
6. Job shadow someone with a job that interests you
7. Do something that's always scared you
8. Mentor a HS student or freshman to help them through college
9. Have a conversation with a professor outside course content
10. Lead a new initiative, project, or event on your campus

Feel free to add to this list by adding a comment below or sharing an item from your list at!

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