Friday, April 13, 2012

25 thoughts for my 25th birthday

It is my birthday today – and while this isn’t a personal blog – it is still my birthday today…
So without further adieu – here are 25 thoughts for my 25th birthday – mostly related to Community College Success ;)
  1. Effort requires continuity.
  2. The suggestion of cutting community college funding is counterproductive to our society’s progress.
  3. Two hours in a plane seem much shorter than two hours in a car.
  4. Goals are always better when written down.
  5. Everything worth doing requires you to keep doing it.
  6. Mentors in my life have taught me that overnight success takes years to cultivate.
  7. Seeing cc students succeed literally gives me the mental strength to write.
  8. An unbelievable number of visitors come to this blog looking for backpacks.
  9. Amazingly successful people will answer you if you ask.
  10. Doors close on some things, but the locks aren’t always permanent.
  11. If I had the $ to give away my book to all 12.5 million current cc students for free, I honestly would.
  12. The Internet often lends itself to negativity – I will always be positive.
  13. There are too many stories of amazing students that go untold –my goal is to share those stories.
  14. Learning should never stop – everyone should go to grad school – it has been an amazing experience.
  15. If you don’t read nonfiction books on a regular basis, you should.
  16. Five years ago I was in Nashville at PTK on my birthday. I am in Nashville for PTK again today. Life apparently does rotate in circles. 
  17. Never lose sight of your original goal when beginning a venture.
  18. Postmodern humor on TV can be a drag – there was something to the optimism of TGIF.
  19. First impressions are welcome mats.
  20. Waking up at 5:30 AM isn’t as hard when you have a big goal.
  21. Community college students are more intelligent than people realize.
  22. You make my life better.
  23. The expression “necessary evil” literally means wearing high heels.
  24. I constantly wonder what direction social networking will take next – embarrassingly, my AIM name was ShortnSweet22345.
  25. This last year has been the hardest and greatest of my adult life - thanks for being a part of it! 

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