Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekend 4Cast: Best Student Leadership Conference 4 Networking

*Weekend 4Cast*
4 things I'm dying to share with you that can't wait until Monday

1 - Quote: What have you been putting off? - 
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King Jr. 

2 - Conference: Circle of Change - 
Nothing inspires me more or moves my life forward more than a great conference with like-minded individuals and successful speakers. The Circle of Change Leadership Conference is one of the best student conferences out there. 

What makes it different? Worth it? Not only does it attract some of the most incredible speakers/leaders, but it also has a panel of 50 highly successful people from top companies that you can meet and network with. From a US Congresswoman to the CFO of Fox Searchlight Productions to the Executive Director of Teach for America - the people you meet at this conference could dramatically change your life and your opportunities. 

In my life networking and gaining the advice from successful people at calibers that I had never encountered before was the key to most of my successes. This Conference is the end of October and early registration is only $70! Talk to your advisors, get your club to go - or be really bold and just go yourself. Trust me - it is these kinds of experiences that can change everything for you. 

3 - Inspiring People: Glamour - 
Check out these inspiring young women from Glamour's top 5 women of the year contest. You can even vote for your favorite. 

And as you read these short descriptions of the incredible things these young women have done - don't let yourself think "man what am I doing with my life" or "I could never do something like that." Instead, let their short stories remind you that it is possible for you to affect change right now, with whatever resources you have around you. What excuses are you making? Let these women inspire you and remind you that we don't really have any excuses. 

4 - Blog: TalkNerdy2Me - 
Have you checked out the National Society of Collegiate Scholars' blog TalkNerdy2Me yet? I wrote an article for them about how to start your own blog, and they have a ton of great resources for you - both in their blog and in their honors society. One of my favorite recent posts: 5 Warnings I Wish I'd Gotten Before Moving 1,000 Miles Away from Home.

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