Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning fashion, new Facebook, advice, and free stuff

*Weekend 4Cast*
4 things I’m dying to share with you that can’t wait until Monday

1 – How do you learn fashion?  
I’ve been getting a lot of questions/comments about my fashion lately both online and in person and have been thinking about how I learned my fashion. I didn't always have a great fashion sense and realized recently that I really started after a big research project I did which elucidated what tabloid communication about Britney Spears (this was in 2008) elucidated about our society’s perception of women. I do not recommend reading these magazines but seeing and reading about how fashion worked helped me understand what colors worked well together, how to keep it simple but interesting, and what worked and didn't work about an outfit. You can easily do this by looking up pictures of fashionable outfits online. Learning anything is all about exposure. 

Growing up in a lower class family “fashion” was something that seemed elusive – only for people who could afford it. But really, once I started learning what fashion was (and some of the artistic principles behind it) I was able to copy what I saw by shopping at thrift stores, H&M, and anywhere I could find a great deal. Fashion should never be the most important thing about you - but I found it truly fun and interesting and it has started a lot of great conversations that end up going much deeper than clothes.

I share this with you because a lot of students will say to me “wow I love that outfit I could never pull that off” or “I just love your clothes I wish I had style.” So I’m here to tell you that you can learn this! Because never forget you can learn anything. And the best way I’ve learned pretty much everything in my life has been to observe, ask, learn, copy what I learn has already worked for others that are successful, and then add my own unique twist as I continue to learn. You can do this with anything. 

2 – New Facebook 
What do you guys think of this new Facebook bar on the right? It is driving me crazy and stressing me out.  When I think about how much Facebook has changed and accelerated in the past few years it truly blows my mind. We are literally in the midst of a social media revolution and it has changed and will continue to change everything. How does it play a part of your life now? Are you using it to the best of its potential? How will it affect your future goals/job? See for yourself the impact of this revolution in this short and really cool video:

3 – Ask 
So few students are asking for help yet so many are falling behind, struggling with so many things, and even dropping out. Almost every day you should be asking someone for help or advice. Who will you ask today? Their advice could change your life. Trust me. (and if you aren’t sure who to ask start with me – 

4 – Free stuff –
I realized today after speaking at UCF to first generation students and seeing their incredible program for 1st Gen’s that at no other time in your life will people by dying to help you with your success (unless you continue to interact with me after you graduate ;) as much as they do in college. In higher ed there are so many dedicated people who have developed programs and are begging you to show up, participate, and find success in your life. Once you graduate that will be gone.

In college there are so many programs and services with the sole purpose of helping you succeed. Why aren’t you taking advantage of every single one? (e.g. career center, student life, multicultural services, free tutoring, clubs/organizations, etc.). At no other time in your life will people care so much and try so hard to help you reach your goals in life. You’ll be amazed at what happens if you just show up.

Have a great weekend! 

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