Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weekend 4Cast: Videos!

So apparently all that travel has given my system a huge kick in the butt and I am down for the count sick. Ugh! But I can't leave you with nothing - so today's Weekend 4Cast features 4 videos that I love for a variety of reasons. Choose your favorite or watch all 4 =)

* Weekend 4Cast *
The 4 things I'm dying to share with you that can't wait until Monday

1- Newest Taylor Swift Video-
Taylor Swift just released her new video Sparks Fly, which features live scenes from her recent tour (i.e. the concert I wrote about in What a 9th Grade Couple Taught me at a Taylor Swift Concert). I find I rarely watch music videos now but when I do they always make me feel happy. 

2- The Story- is an incredible website created by two young and dedicated social entrepreneurs who left high paying jobs to create this service just for you. What are you waiting for? I've recently mentored two college students on the site and it has been amazing. Check out the video that shares their story and sign up to be a mentor or mentee.

3- Cinderella Stories - 
You know those cinderella stories I was talking about in Monday's post? They are even better coming from the source themselves. Hear some of their incredible stories. 

4- Inspring Person-Chandeerah Davis
For this video of the talented slam poet Chandeerah courageously sharing her story from gunshots to "this stage"  at the recent JKC talent show head straight to the Community College Success Facebook page

Enjoy and I'll see you on Monday. 

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