Tuesday, December 2, 2014

School supplies that will bring brightness to community college (& schools in need around the country)

One of the most popular questions I get is what to bring to college, and while I've done quite a few posts with lists of supplies, I wanted to tell you about some particular school supplies that I think you'll LOVE.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not getting paid to write this post. I was sent some free school supplies, but was under no obligation to write about them. I'm writing about them because I think they're AMAZING and I wanted to tell you about it.

I'm also writing about them because I have met and really admire many people who work for this company, including its founder.

They're basically awesome, so are their school supplies. So my opinions, all my own. And yeah...I'm totally biased due to awesomeness.

I'm talking about Yoobi, a very new and dynamic school supply company that also gives back! For every item purchased Yoobi donates school supplies to schools in need in the U.S. 

They also partner with the Starlight Children's Foundation to donate supplies to students attending school in a hospital. I've heard stories about how these kids light up when they receive these free supplies, and how grateful the teachers are to be able to do activities they couldn't have done without the right stuff.

The Yoobi cause and passion alone are enough to make me want to get my own office supplies from them, but to top it all off, their stuff is SO MUCH FUN!

I could tell you about it...or...I could show you:
Hello blue!
The box that arrived - made me smile instantly.
love these.
This is literally how I feel about pronged folders in college. They are "A" machines. ;)
PRONGS!!!!! :D
Everything laid out on my desk!
I immediately rubbed my face on this pencil case. It's so soft.
Colorful school supplies are totally a fashion statement, duh. ;)
The <3 pushpins & highlighters stole my <3 immediately.
These supplies literally make you want to be creative and fun. I'm serious.

I call this, The Writer's Pose. ;)
Oh look, Yoobi gave me an idea!
 As you can see, I had alot of fun with this. And honestly, the supplies have this playfulness that's impossible to ignore.

And the people I've met who work at Yoobi really care. The first words out of their mouths are about the problems they want to solve with Yoobi, and the joy they get from seeing the joy on the kids' faces when they do their big donation events. It's just plain inspiring. 

So, in case it isn't obvious, here are some reasons why you should get some Yoobi school supplies for your next semester:

*You'll be sharing the love and the fun and the supplies with kids in need
*You'll feel bright and creative when using these supplies in class and while you're studying
*Someone might just be all like "hey I like that purple folder" and you can be all like, "thanks, let me tell you about it - also, let's be friends." ;)
*They're SUPER affordable (e.g. my fav pronged folder is .89!) 

And just in case you might find this helpful, here is what my shopping list looked like before any new semester:

Journal (I highly recommend journaling in college!)
Spiral notebook for each class (for notes)
A pronged folder for each class

Happy #GivingTuesday!

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