Thursday, September 4, 2014

15 places on your campus you should visit your first semester

Check this list and make a note to visit any of the places you haven't already! Trust me, knowing where they are and what they're for will pay off big time.

1. Financial Aid Office
If you don't cry, wait, or feel frustrated at some point in this office, I'm not sure if you can call yourself an actual college student. ;)

2. Records Office

Where you'll deal with paperwork for things like withdrawing from a class or applying for graduation. 

3. Advising Office
Don't only go here when it's mandatory! Check in often to make sure you're on track to graduate and/or transfer. Be sure to ask about creating an educational plan. 

4. Counseling Office 
Sometimes this is housed within the advising office. Trained professionals are on hand to help you with any personal issues you may be having that are affecting your college success.

5. Library 
I always did my homework here. Quiet and distraction free. The librarians are also your best friends when it comes to research papers. Ask for help!

6. Computer Lab
Sometimes also housed within the library. Great place to do homework and print.

7. Security 

Often where you'll get your parking pass.

8. Tutoring Center 
Use this! It's free. (Well, technically, you are paying for it in your go get your money's worth!!)

9. Career Center
Ask about all the services they offer and then pick one. Just kidding, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM ALL!!! My favorites were the career personality assessments and the mentor database.

10. Student Life Office 
Ask about clubs on your campus and ways to get involved. 

11. Disability Services Center 
They offer a lot of great services to help get you what you need to be successful in college.

12. Gym 

You'd be surprised how many community colleges have workout facilities or group classes. Ask around. 

13. Online student center
Okay, so these next three aren't technically "on" campus, but they are just as vital. Get to know your online student center very well - this is the place where you'll see your schedule and often do things with financial aid, like deferring your payments (when you don't do this you can get dropped from all your classes!)

14. Student email 

Get your student email forwarded to your main account and your phone. Be sure to check this a few times a day - lots of important reminders and information will come through here. 

15. Learning management system
There are a few different ones out there, and it should be clear on your college's website which one they use. This is where you'll manage your online classes, as well as online components for on-campus classes (e.g. discussion boards). Get familiar with it early so that your grades don't ever suffer because of a technical issue.

Get on your college's website, grab a campus map, and get going! ;)

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