Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just call me Professor Adney ;)

I want you to be one of the first to know the exciting news:

I'm going to be teaching two College Success courses this fall at Seminole State College!

Seriously, don't sign up for all my classes at once. One at a time, please. I don't want to break their system. ;)

As most of you know I've been a community college student and worked in administration, so I'm really excited to experience community college through the eyes of a faculty member, specifically an adjunct professor. 

I'll still be speaking and consulting and running my business and writing this blog, and I think this teaching experience is only going to enhance those things. 

I also seriously can't wait to meet the students who will be in my classes, to spend time with them, to teach them, and to learn from them every week. 

And here is where you come in:

In preparation for this new experience, I would love to get your advice; I've prepared a few forms to seek your feedback.

If you're a student, I'd love to know what you loved about certain courses and what you hated. And if you're a professor I'd love to know what you've done well and any advice you might have. 

If you're willing to share your thoughts and advice please just click on one of the forms below based on the perspective you'd like to share.

Thank you so much!

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