Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What your online presence can do for your career

Did you know I host a TV show? I know, crazy right? I never in a million years thought I'd be hosting anything, but that's what happens when you put yourself out there online. Things start happening.

This can happen to you too.

When I decided to write a book and get it published I read all there was to read on how to do this, and most of the books said to get a publisher as a non-fiction author you have to have a platform (e.g. an online presence).

So I started this blog to begin to connect with my audience and start to give away content for free. 

And since I'm a big fan of multiple learning styles I thought to myself (why don't I read some of my blog entries to my laptop camera and post them on YouTube for students who prefer to listen or watch something rather than read it).

My first YouTube videos are literally me reading my blogs (kind of embarrassing...I can't even watch them now). 

But I just went for it. And eventually, these producers of a local college success show filmed at Tallahassee Community College found me, connected with me, and hired me. I just got back last week from finishing the last episodes for season 2.

The latest episode below is all about professional and social networking, and let me tell you, it works!

When you put yourself out there, especially in the context of something you love and care about, like-minded people will flock to you. Job offers will flock to you. And the best part - you'll meet and connect with amazing people all over the world.

So do you have a good online professional presence right now? Could someone searching to fill your dream job find you? Get going, and hopefully this episode will help!! :)

And for more on building your online presence be sure to download my free ebook How to Get a Job Without a Resume!!

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