Thursday, February 13, 2014

3 myths about community college

I want to dedicate this article to all the people who stumble upon my blog and email me after google searching "community college" with many fears and nerves about what is next. This is for you.

3 myths about community college

Myth #1: Community college is just for people who can't get in anywhere else.

TRUTH #1: Community college is for people who are smart. 

Community college provides an open door to people who want an education and are dedicated to doing more with their life despite their background or circumstances. Going to community college means YOU have made a choice in the right direction, towards a better future. 

There are also many opportunities for honors students at community colleges, such as honors programs (ask your admissions office) and the opportunity to join Phi Theta Kappa

For many, like myself, community college allows for reduced student debt and a great education with the opportunity to transfer and earn a bachelors degree. That is a smart move.  

Myth #2: Community college doesn't have opportunities for social life outside of hanging out with your old high school friends who didn't move away to college. 

TRUTH #2: There are many opportunities to make friends and get involved in community college.

While many community colleges do not have the budgets for big orientations or forced freshmen interactions, most do have robust student activities offices whose sole job is to provide opportunities for you to make friends and join clubs.

Some community colleges have more programming than others, but even if your college only has one really active club, get involved and become an officer!

When you take a leadership role in your community college you'll stand out big time and attract tons of scholarship money for your next academic adventure. And you'll make friends who share your desire to do something more with your life. 

Myth #3: Community college is basically 13th grade. 

TRUTH #3: Community college classes are rigorous and will require more self-management and more time studying than in high school. Community college is still COLLEGE and the professors expect a lot from you. They should - because you are capable. 

A lot of students drop out of community college when life gets in the way - college is not easy. But anything worthwhile is hard, and if you put in the effort, community college will be the beginning to a very successful collegiate future. 

Your attitude about community college, and more importantly, yourself, has a huge impact on your success. Now is the time to realize the opportunity you have in front of you, and to jump right in with everything you've got.

Just don't do it alone. Find a mentor. Join clubs. Visit professors during office hours. And see why community college can be a launching point to a life you could have never dreamed of. 

Currently in community college or about to start? Check out my book as it will help you build the connections you need to succeed in community college and beyond.  

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