Thursday, December 19, 2013

Take some time to say thank you

For some reason in the past few weeks I've gotten more e-mails than ever from students thanking me for writing this blog and writing my book. The emails have come from people all over the country - yet the one that stood out the most was from someone who graduated from my high school.

She graduated three years after me, but she's been following this blog for a few years while attending community college and was just accepted to Columbia. I was so excited for her and so overwhelmingly thankful she'd shared  this with me. 

These messages do more for me than I can adequately express. Often we go through our lives and don't know if we're really making a difference, if what we do really matters. And sometimes all it takes is one 'thank you' to lift someone up for months, even years. 

You may think the people around you and the people who've helped you know how you feel about them, but you'd be surprised on what a difference it makes when you tell them.

Too often people go out of their way to complain or criticize (i.e. see YouTube or news article comments) and in general it seems there is too little effort spent on appreciating people.

I know it sounds quaint, but I believe there is significant beauty in putting more "thank you's" out there in the world. 

So the next time you read a great article or book, contact the author and tell them how much you appreciated their work. 

The next time someone is really friendly to you at a store, make a note of their name and tell the manager. 

And take some time this year to send a short thank you note to anyone who helped you this year in any way (like a professor, perhaps? *wink *wink). Trust me - you will make their day, and probably make yours too.

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