Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank you!!

As tomorrow marks Thanksgiving it also marks almost three years since I started this blog.

I'll never forget writing my first post, dreaming that it could one day turn into a book. That dream would have never come to fruition without you.

I want to thank you for reading this blog, for following me on this journey, and for being the kind of person who wants to fight for your own success in college and beyond. 

College is tough for everyone, but it's especially hard if you come from a low-income or underprivileged background. You guys are breaking those barriers every day, and you're the reason why this work is still exciting. 

I get so many e-mails from those of you who are fervently trying to succeed and care more about your education than many probably give you credit for. I just wanted to take this Thanksgiving week to remind you how awesome you really are.

Thank you for being the kind of person who wakes up every day and works hard. Thank you for trying. Thank you for not giving up. 

Keep going, and enjoy your Turkey Day tomorrow. :)



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