Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From Homeless to College Graduate

I recently wrote the following article for the Pearson Students Blog and had to share it with you here too. Arthur's story reminds us what community college is all about, and what you can do when you decide to make more of your life. 

A few days ago I got the following e-mail from Arthur:

My graduation is in the bag! The excitement just hit when I picked up my cap and gown. This college experience has been a real blessing in more ways than I can count.

What’s remarkable about this e-mail is that Arthur was homeless for fifteen years and incarcerated for four before going back to college.

After joining the military and then starting community college in the 70’s, Arthur thought he was ready to start a good life – he had plans to get a PhD.

But life got in the way. After multiple deaths in the family (including his father), a divorce, and bankruptcy, Arthur’s life went on a downward spiral. Read the rest of the article on the P.S.Blog.

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