Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl-Style Momentum Shift

So, I have to be completely honest with you. I sat down to write Monday’s post during the Super Bowl, and turned to Jeremy and said “I don’t know what to write about – I did and said so much during the conference that I feel kind of drained” (and of course the Halftime show didn’t do much to inspire either).  Jeremy thought for a half a second and then said one word – “momentum.” 

Momentum is exactly what I need to keep in mind right now. For those of you that haven’t seen the videos below, I have been away at a Student State Government conference for the past few days and had an incredible time, as I do at almost any student-centered retreat where learning and leadership are the goals. 

However, like many exciting and inspirational experiences that take place away from home, sometimes when you get back you forget or put aside all of the new ideas you had during your new experience.

And sadly, eventually, no matter how great you felt during a motivational speech, or what notes you took during an educational session, without momentum, those ideas will die.

There’s something I haven’t mentioned yet. When I started to write this post – I mean the second I typed the first letter of the first paragraph – the Super Bowl announcer came on and said “..…momentum shift.” And thus a blog title born and a topic confirmed. Fate.

Oddly enough a momentum shift is exactly what happens during great conferences and any other moment in life when you realize that you want to start channeling your energy in new directions. Having that momentum shift in your head is nothing short of transformative, and is absolutely vital for growth. 

And yet, just as football players often visualize winning a Super Bowl before they step on the field, the visualization is important, but it’s what happens after that mental shift that makes all the difference. It’s how you play the game. 

What are the steps you need to take today, right now, to complete your momentum shift? What ideas have started to blossom in your head and change your perspectives? It’s time to fully change your momentum. Don’t let the day-to-day get in the way of what you know you are supposed to do with the new knowledge and epiphanies you've gained.

As the announcer just said again, this very second (no joke) – “the momentum has totally shifted.”

It’s your turn. Even if you feel like you’re down in life by 2 proverbial touchdowns, choose to completely shift your momentum and direct all your talents where deep down you know they are supposed to go.

Get in the game.

(P.S. I can’t end this blog without reveling in the fact that I have written 2 posts in a row using football as a metaphor. To put it in perspective, just a few days ago I had to ask Jeremy to explain to me again what things like “3rd and 13” mean. So thank you for helping me discover ways to appear to be athletically competent).

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